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Facility Management Services

Expert Solutions for Smooth Operations and Cost-Effectiveness. Focus on Your Core Business, Leave the Rest to Us!

Waste Management Services

Reduce Your Environmental Impact with Responsible Waste Collection, Recycling, and Sustainability Initiatives. Together, Let's Create a Greener Future.

Product trading and distribution

Reliable Trading and Distribution Services. Trust Us for Prompt Delivery of Industrial Equipment, Office Essentials, and More. Fulfill Your Procurement Needs with Ease.

Scrap collection and disposals

Turn your wastes into values. Trust Us to Handle Scrap Materials with Care, Recycling Responsibly and Partnering with Certified Third-Party Experts for Revenue Generation and a Circular Economy.

Marketing of industrial products and services

Boost your brand visibility and reach your target audience with our marketing solutions. Partner with us to grow your market presence and outshine the competition.

General trading

General Trading Services Opening New Horizons. Seamlessly Navigate International Trade, Connect with Global Markets, and Reliable Suppliers. Trust Our Expertise to Optimize International Commerce and Boost Your Profitability.

Safety products and Tools

Explore a Comprehensive Range of Safety Equipment Ensuring a Secure Work Environment. Embrace Safety Standards and Cultivate a Culture of Safety with Our Top-Notch Solutions.

Industrial uniforms and safety uniforms

Elevate your corporate identity and protect your team with our customized, high-quality, comfortable and durable industrial uniforms and safety apparel.


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Delivering Excellence in Procurement Solutions.

Established in 2015, TEQUIN FOR SERVICES stands as the leading best value Procurement Solutions provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). As the trading and facility management division of the esteemed TEQUIN FOR SERVICES group, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled service and efficiency to our clients.

At TEQUIN FOR SERVICES, our mission is to rethink procurement, guiding clients to optimal choices with speed and precision. We cover projects, electrical, tools, pantry supplies, and more. Our scrap waste management ensures environmental responsibility.


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